Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2011 Oscar Birdbath (the Results)

Here, as promised, are the results to my annual Oscar Birdbath ("Pool"). It's a four-way TIE for first place (with 18 correct answers)!
  • Rebecca Becknal (my oldest niece, who is currently racking up a healthy student loan while working on her masters degree at TCU)
  • Jim Christiansen (aka "Jimbo" - a part of NewLife and [though long absent] the Fresno Gamers. Wanna play Bang, Jim?! We promise not to shoot you - much.)
  • David Gullett (aka "Davebo" - a gamer and friend from the L.A. area)
  • Margaret Kellar (1/4 of the much-missed Kellar clan... her husband was our worship/youth pastor here at NewLife)

Congratulations also go to the three 3rd place finishers (with 17 correct)... Bob Trezise, Charles Glaser & Jeff Monaghan.

Here are the final scores...
  • 21 - the "collective mind' (this, btw, is the first time that we as a group scored higher than any one of us as individuals!)
  • 18 - Rebecca Becknal, Jim Christiansen, David Gullett, Margaret Kellar
  • 17 - Bob Trezise, Charles Glaser, Jeff Monaghan.
  • 16 - Chris Newcomb
  • 15 - Alea Fairchild, Scott Firestone, Craig Berg
  • 14 - Mark Jackson
  • 13 - Scott Alden, Elizabeth Arneson
  • 12 - Jonathan Degann
  • 11 - Jeffrey Leegon, Allen Troxler, Eric Arneson
  • 10 - Gigi Johnson
  • 9 - Eric Burgess, Chris Comeaux
  • 7 - Alfred Wallace
  • 5 - RC Martinez, Jennifer Madon, Joe Huber
Our predictions as a "collective mind" were spectacular!... 21 correct - way to go!
  • BEST PICTURE: The King's Speech - correct!
  • BEST DIRECTOR: Tom Hooper for The King's Speech (we picked David Fincher)
  • BEST ACTOR: Colin Firth (The King's Speech) - correct!
  • BEST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman (Black Swan) - correct!
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christian Bale (The Fighter) - correct!
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Melissa Leo (The Fighter) - correct!
  • ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: The King's Speech - correct!
  • ADAPATED SCREENPLAY: The Social Network - correct!
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Inception (we picked True Grit)
  • FILM EDITING: The Social Network - correct!
  • ART DIRECTION: Alice in Wonderland - correct!
  • COSTUME DESIGN: Alice in Wonderland - correct!
  • ACHIEVEMENT IN ORIGINAL MUSIC: The Social Network (tied w/The King's Speech) - correct!
  • BEST ORIGINAL SONG: "We Belong Together" (Toy Story 3) - correct!
  • ACHIEVEMENT IN MAKEUP: The Wolfman - correct!
  • ACHIEVEMENT IN SOUND EDITING: Inception - correct!
  • ACHIEVEMENT IN SOUND MIXING: Inception - correct!
  • ACHIEVEMENT IN VISUAL EFFECTS: Inception - correct!
  • BEST ANIMNATED FEATURE: Toy Story 3 - correct!
  • BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: In a Better World - correct!
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY: Inside Job - correct!
  • BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT SUBJECT: Strangers No More - correct!
  • BEST LIVE-ACTION SHORT: God of Love - correct!
  • BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM: Lost Thing (we picked Day & Night)... only one person got this one correct - my lovely niece, Rebecca!

And some final thoughts on the Oscar ceremony:

  • Anne Hathaway is a delightful, vibrant young woman. James Franco is a sad product of the "everything must be ironic" way of treating life.
  • I still think Toy Story 3 should have won Best Picture.
  • Didn't miss Ben Stiller.
  • The show seemed to flow smoother - but there wasn't much surprise to it.
  • Second year with Tivo - still not missing the acceptance speeches.
  • Stop picking on Hugh Jackman.


Alfred said...

That was a well-earned 7.

Joe Huber said...

And a consistent 5...