Saturday, May 28, 2011

"It's A Small World" is 45!

Yes, the theme song is one of the most notorious ear-worms on the planet... but I have such fond memories of this ride. Until reading the post on the Disney Parks blog - 45 Years of Laughter & Hope - I didn't realize that I rode "It's A Small World" for the first time only a couple of years after it opened at Disneyland.

In 1966, Walt Disney presided over the opening ceremonies of the attraction in its new home at Disneyland park. Children representing countries from around the world came together to pour water from all seven continents into the “Rivers of the World.”

Since that moment, more than 233 million Disneyland park guests have joined “the happiest cruise that ever sailed” – enough to circumnavigate the Earth more than 190 times.
One other Small World memory: my family used to kid me that the dancing girl was winking at me. (I believed them.)

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