Friday, April 06, 2012

#64: Light Speed (Mark's 100 - 2012)

Light Speed

Mark's Ranking
  • 2012: 64th
  • 2010: 42nd
  • 2005: did not appear


  • rank: 1220
  • rating: 6.40

Print Status

  • OOP

Why It's On The List

  • A real-time card game that actually takes longer to score (5-10 minutes) than it does to play (1 minute).

Tips & Tricks:

    • Just throwing stuff down works... sometimes. But the person who wins more games balances putting spaceships in place carefully with speed.


    • This is the only Cheapa** game in my Top 100 - while I'm fond of Deadwood and really enjoy Fightball, Buttonmen & Brawl, this is the only that's worthy of the position. (And don't get me started on the waste of perfectly good raw materials & game table time - Kill Dr. Lucky. The only lucky person around is the one who decides not to play.)

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