Friday, October 26, 2012

#30: Monopoly: Tropical Tycoon DVD Game (Mark's 100 - 2012)

Monopoly: Tropical Tycoon DVD Game

Mark's Ranking
  • 2012: 30th
  • 2010: 18th
  • 2005: 17th (Monopoly - original edition)
  • appeared on all three lists
  • rank: 5587
  • rating: 5.93
Print Status
  • out of print (but pretty easy to find on Ebay)
Why It's On The List
  • It takes the classic game (Monopoly) and makes it extremely gamer-friendly by adding Cosmic Encounter-ish roles, a variety of choices for building, and a great point system that lets you stop the game at any point and declare a legitimate winner.
Tips & Tricks:
  • Basic Monopoly strategy still works with Tropical Tycoon... but there are major new considerations when you are building on monopolies. You can build for cash or for points... or for some balance point in between.

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