Monday, January 13, 2014

Five & Dime 2012: So Long & Thanks for All the Stats

The Five & Dime reports for 2012 are done – all gone, bye bye, woo hoo, see ya. This is the latest I’ve ever published the report – as I’ve said before, it’s been a crazy year but y’all have been crazy patient with me (for the most part).

Of course, you may or may not have realized that there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t published on the Opinionated Gamers website – instead, it lives right here on my personal blog, aka pastor guy.

For those of you who somehow missed the deluge of posts over on the OG, here’s a recap:
You can check out extended lists and some really nifty graphic ways of looking at games over time right here on my blog, aka pastor guy:

Thank You!

I also need to say a huge “Thank you” to the 197 folks who made this possible – those of you of obsessive-compulsive types (like me!) who can’t play a game without jotting down something in your notebook or smart phone. Without you, the Five & Dime Lists don’t exist.

As well, I want to thank the good folks over at Board Game Geek for building, maintaining & riding herd over the wonderful site that helps a lot of us feed the obsession… ahem, enjoy our hobby to the fullest!

Finally, thank you to the Opinionated Gamers writing staff & our Chief Surgeon/Editor/Bottle Washer (Dale Yu) for letting me eat up so much OG bandwidth with this stuff – you guys are the best!

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