Monday, May 12, 2014

The City: Maybe In English, Finally...

I picked Tom Lehmann's The City as my favorite card game of 2011... with the big problem of it only being published in German.

However, a post from W. Eric Martin & BGG News today said:
In the category of "games that shoulda been", designer Tom Lehmann notes on BGG that he's recovered "most of the rights" to his 2011 card game The City and has recently spoken to a pair of (presumably U.S.) publishers about releasing the game in English. Says Lehmann: "One of the publishers wants the game expanded into a larger and different game; the other is interested in republishing it as is, but hasn't made a final decision yet. These things take time."
All I know is that a whole lot more people need to play this wonderful little game. And I'd happily buy an English edition, expanded or otherwise.

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