Monday, February 02, 2015

Akaba Redux: A Cool Discovery


Here's some highlights of what I wrote about Haba's Akaba way back in the day.

I had listed both The Black Pirate & Akaba in my Kid Games 100...
So, you may be wondering why I'd turn back around and put another puffer game on the list. Well, I'll tell you - I think they're both great games that offer very different play experiences. 
This is the more wild'n'wooly of the two games, since each player is working to move as quickly as he can... the active player puffing away at his magic carpet, scooting it around the board, while the player to his left is busy rolling a pair of color dice, hoping for them to match so he can yell "Stop!" and end the active players travel.
Dexterity games are always tricky... younger kids like the action but don't always have the fine motor skills necessary to play competitively.
While kids age 5+ can play the game, you need to be 6-7 years old to have the coordination to carefully puff your carpet across the board instead of blowing it about as if you're in an Arabic remake of The Wizard of Oz.
Of course, I had to get in a final word...
My older son enjoys this game more than The Black Pirate, I think primarily because of the frenetic pace of each of the turns. I was surprised by this, as I thought that the pirate theme would beat the magic carpet theme - but evidently not. I'm good with either of them: Akaba if I'm up for high-charging silliness, The Black Pirate if I'm wanting more of a careful dexterity challenge.
A Cool Discovery 

I had played Akaba 20+ times over the past decade... but it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I discovered this on the board...

Yes, that's right... the guys on the board are playing Akaba. Sadly, the nifty headgear was not included with the actual game. (I'm not sure I'd look good in a fez, but I'm willing to try.)


Christian Sinclair said...

I love finding little touches like that in the game. Like Lost Cities and the mural that is made out of the cards. Sometimes they are obvious and sometimes you find them like little gems.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Lost Cities is a great example, Christian. I also enjoy the game tables in the Agricola houses (Agricola & Bohnanza games in play) and the card mural from the Jamaica cards.