Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Gamer Gilligan's Island

One of my good friends (and a friend of this blog as well) is Joe Huber: game designer, man about town, devoted husband, classy friend... and the guy who will introduced me to Entenrallye and Novo Dice. He asked the following (self-described) "weird question."
You're on a deserted island - and failed to pack your top 10 games (or any games, for that matter). Given the materials available on the island (think Gilligan's Island, material-wise), what games do you cobble together to pass the time? Or do you instead focus on designing your own games, to best take advantage of the materials?
Now, here's the deal... I want to be cool and maker-friendly and all that and say something like, "I think the natural elements could inspire me to create a game that is both organic to the island and profoundly playable." In reality, I'm gonna be trying to figure out how to make dice out of dried coconut and playing cards out of palm leaves.
Follow-up: you're on a desserted island. Which do you try first? And which desserts do you think would make the best materials for cobbling together games?
Cookies, please.

I think you could do some interesting things game-wise with fondant and hard candies... but it would likely be a Legacy game where the pieces got destroyed.


Joe Huber said...

Thanks, Mark - I had the same thoughts on the desserted island, but figured that on the deserted island the most fun games would be found by applying a Wittig-like approach to the problem. Though coming up with good randomizers would certainly be high on the to-do list...

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Of course you did. :-)