Thursday, October 25, 2018

"Save Me"

When I first purchased Rich's self-titled debut album, I was disappointed. His voice was odd, the lyrics kind of tumbled out and were sandwiched into musical phrases that felt too short... but, because it was the days of cassette tapes & I had a player in my car, I kept playing it each morning on the way to work. 
And then on the way back home.

And the music and lyrics grew on me...  and ended up being a soundtrack for a good chunk of my spiritual life.

"Save Me" is yet another 30+ year old CCM song that remains incredibly relevant today.

Save me save me
Save me from my contempt for the things that make me strong
Save me from any value I could put a price tag on
Save me from Soviet propagandists
Lord save me from Washington
Please save me Lord save me

Save me save me
Save me from the slick pop sounds
Laid down in virgin vinyl grooves
Save me from any woman who would be turned
On to the aftershave I use
Save me from trendy religion that makes
Cheap cliches out of timeless truths
Lord save me please save me
Save me

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