Monday, August 03, 2020

GenCan't 2020: The Dice Puzzle Answers

This was pretty simple... identify the games that use the custom dice above. 
One participant got all nine correct - congratulations to Chris S.!

Upper left corner: Dice Settlers
  • Which, by the way, is an excellent solo game... especially when you add in the Western Sea expansion modules.
  • 29% got this one right.
Upper middle: Impact: Battle of Elements
  • This is the U.S. reprint of Strike, which is being reprinted yet again with a Harry Potter theme. It’s a fantastic dice-chucking game that has been a hit with pretty much everyone who has played it.
  • 12% got this one right... one of the toughest dice to identify.
Upper right corner: Animal Upon Animal
  • Best. Family. Stacking. Game. Ever. 
  • In a dead heat with Rhino Hero Super Battle (also a HABA game) for best family dexterity game.
  • 41% got this one right... even with the gator "smudged" by the camera.
Middle row left: Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters
  • Great components and easy-to-learn rules make this an excellent family cooperative game… and it’s pretty brutal. We don’t win very often, so when we do it’s time to celebrate!
  • 53% got this one right.
Middle row center: Duelosaur Island
  • The two-player version of Dinosaur Island…
  • I did accept Dinosaur Island as a correct answer as well. I’m not a monster.
  • 76% got this one right... but only 12% had Duelosaur Island.
Middle row right: Sushizock im Gockelwock
  • I thought that this would probably be the toughest die to figure out, as the game did not get a big U.S. release.
  • This is a cousin to Knizia’s Pickomino (I still like Heckmeck im Brautweck better as a name)… in this one, you are trying to eat sushi while only just enough fish bones.
  • 24% got this one right... I was wrong.
Bottom row left: Hit Z Road
  • Criminally underappreciated zombie auction game, with some of the most incredible production/graphic design – it’s a game “designed” by a kid who has to take a cross-country trip to dodge the zombie apocalypse and makes a game out of whatever pieces are lying around. The Easter eggs in the design are a lot of fun…
  • …but the game underneath all that coolness is really good as well.
  • 12% got this one right... and it had the best made-up answer: "Shooty lightning ghosts".
Bottom row center: Powerships
  • Again, due to my non-monster status, I accepted Powerboats as a correct answer, since they both use the same die.
  • I like Powerships better… a great push-your-luck racing game with nifty twists and actual strategy.
  • 35% got this one right... but no one guessed Powerships.
Bottom row right: Roll Player (Fiends & Familiars)
  • The most recent custom die in my collection… 
  • I think you need one or both expansions to take Roll Player from good to great.
  • 18% got this one right.

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