Monday, October 11, 2021

If I Was Going to Essen...

Technically, it's Spiele '21 - but I've called it Essen (after the city that hosts the huge gaming convention in Germany) since I was aware of its existence. 

If you want really splendid coverage of the fair, Kulkmann's G@mebox has been doing bang-up reporting on Essen since 1997.

But that's not what I'm posting - I'm simply giving you a list of the things I'd be looking for IF I was in Germany this week.

  • Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders
    • I need a copy for myself and one for my oldest son, who just bought his own copy of Arnak
  • Boonlake 
  • Great Western Trail (2nd edition)
    • Because I've become a bit of a Alexander Pfister nut over the last couple of years
  • Ark Nova
    • The theme intrigues me... I'm a big "build a zoo" game kind of guy, even though I'm not really an animal kind of guy.
  • Paleo: A New Beginning
    • Again, for the oldest son, who loves this game
  • CATAN: Zusatzmaterial für Das Duell – Bonus Box
    • I'm really wondering if this will ever show up in English - 'cuz I'm a big fan of The Rivals for Catan.
  • It's a Wonderful Kingdom
    • But just to look at it... my Kickstarter edition is slowly making its way toward me
  • The Siege of Runedar
    • The pictures and the pedigree (Knizia) are making me curious
  • Excavation Earth
  • Excavation Earth: Second Wave
    • I've been very impressed with David Turczi's work on Imperium: Classics/Legends... so I'm curious about this game he was a part of
  • Port Royal: Big Box
    • More Pfister... and it looks like the only way I'm going to ever get the last expansion to match my set
  • Explorers
    • I'm enjoying the solo app on my iPad a lot - couldn't hurt to have a physical copy
Chances are good I'd find some other stuff to pack in my bags to bring home... ah, but I'm waiting for retirement before I make the pilgrimage. 

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