Wednesday, March 02, 2022

#70: Vom Kap bis Kairo (Mark's Top 100 2022)

Vom Kap bis Kairo

  • rank: 4,253
  • rating: 6.3
  • published: 2001
Print Status
  • out of print
Why It's On The List
  • A small box card game about railroad building across Africa (the title translates as "From the Cape to Cairo") that packs a wallop - the sealed bid auctions are only half of the game, as you struggle with when to invest precious cash into building rails instead of giving your opponent a gift.
Tips & Tricks:
    • The value of a card is not determined by how cheap it is to build across it - the number of track symbols makes a HUGE difference, particularly if you're trying to catch up.
    • Saving a decent amount of $ (20-30?) for the your end-game lunge can work... but if everyone is doing that, it can cancel out.
    • I love that Adlung managed to pack such a great game into such a small (30 minute) playing time... and I miss the utter crapshoot that was buying the small Adlung card games. (Were you going to get something interesting and playable, or something - not?)
    • The rules translation of Vom Kap was a bit tricky - but once you get it figured out, it's a keeper.

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