Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Battlelore (1st edition)... For Sale

I am offering my COMPLETE Battlelore set (1st edition) up for sale... as much as I enjoy it, I'm more likely to play Memoir '44 (if I want to do Command & Colors) or Descent or Claustrophobia (if I want to do fantasy combat).

Here's what the lot consists of (with price estimate from BGG following):
  • Battlelore base game (first printing) - $50
  • Call to Arms expansion - $10
  • The Hundred Years' War – Crossbows & Polearms - $75
  • Epic Battlelore (extra board) - $10
  • Scottish Wars - $25
  • Dwarven Battalion Specialist Pack - $40
  • Heroes expansion - $50
  • Goblin Marauders Specialist Pack - $25
  • Goblin Skirmishers Specialist Pack - $20
  • Dragons expansion - $50
  • Creatures expansion - $45
  • For Troll & Country - $5
  • Hill Giant promo - $15
  • Code of Chivalry - $55
  • Horrific Horde - $60
  • Earth Elemental promo - $15
  • Bearded Brave - $25
  • Battlelore Collected Rulebook ( printed & bound - no longer available) - $25
  • 3 Plano boxes to contain figures - $30
So, it's roughly $600 worth of fantasy toy soldier plastic & game. (Actually $630, but who's counting?)

All of the sets are complete and in excellent condition. The only remaining box is the base game - the rest of the figures are in multiple Plano boxes (which are part of the deal - unless you want to save on shipping by taking them out and having me bag the figures to ship.)

I will not sell isolated pieces of the set - it's all or nothing.

I'm willing to sell it all for $300 + shipping (which, unfortunately, won't be inexpensive). I won't jack up the shipping costs - just charge what it actually costs to get to you. (And apologies to my foreign readers - due to the hassles of dealing with customs & exchange rates, I'm going to stick with U.S. only.) If you live near middle Tennessee, we can probably arrange a no-ship exchange to save $ & time.

This offer is going out first to my loyal readers... strike while it's hot!


Matt Sears said...

So tempting. I hope you sell it all.

But, if you end up selling it in pieces, let us know.

zamanos said...

Are you still selling this set. If so I would be interested in purchasing it. If it has all the rule books and cards along with all the figures I'm in. Been looking for a set like this for a long time. Please let me know if this is still available thanks for your time.

Unknown said...

zamanos, I have exactly the same complete Battlelore set for sale on geekmarket now (Oct 1st, 2016. Check it if you are still interested in buying it.