Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hitting the Road

Won't be near a computer for 6 days - I may well go through some kind of serious withdrawal, complete with the shakes & heavy sweating. (Ha.)

Anyway, Shari & I are going to a self-guided retreat for pastors & their wives which is actually more of a bed & breakfast. We're planning on sleeping in (haven't done that since Braeden was born), taking personal study time, and just easing out from under the day to day pressures of ministry. It shouldn't hurt our marriage none, either. :-)

Pray for us as the boys will be staying with friends here in Fresno while we're about 6 hours away - yikes! It's a little scary leaving them behind, but they're in good hands with the folks from our church.

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One of Freedom said...

Have an awesome time! I know what you mean about not sleeping when you have kids!