Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hot Seat

1. What are you reading right now?

Two books, actually... (sometimes I read three or four at a time.) 2. Who is your favorite band this week?

I pulled out a CD by Rhythm House (mid-90's CCM w/a groove) and gave it a couple of spins this weekend... but the music I'm playing most is by Caedmon's Call.

3. Newest game in your collection?

Leinen los... a classic boat racing game by Haba that is sadly out of print - and thanks to the Geek Marketplace, I found a copy of it in great condition!

4. Biggest hope for your trip to Kublacon this weekend?

I want to play Cleopatra & The Society of Architects... and, hopefully, see prototypes for the new Memoir '44 stuff.

5. Taylor or Katherine?

Katherine needs to be doing movie musicals & Taylor needs to go back to singing lead in a cover band. But Taylor's gonna win... sigh.


Anonymous said...

5. Taylor or Katherine?

I soooo wanted Chris to win :-(

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Hey, I'm with you, Susan... but I think he's probably better off losing. He's more likely to be able to write his own ticket and not be beholden to American Idol for the rest of his natural life.

Honestly, I liked Elliot's voice best, but Kat was a better all-around performer/star. I need to make me a CD with her version of "Black Horse & Cherry Tree", Elliot's take on "Moody's Mood For Love", and Chris' singing that song by Fuel.

Chris Lewis said...

agreed...I think that it must not be totally based on votes. seems taylor has been supposed to win for some time.