Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This American Life

I found the following quote from Ira Glass, host of This American Life (now on Showtime, which just seems weird to me, seeing as it's probably the coolest radio show ever) on I knew I liked the guy & his show, but to hear such perceptive thoughts from him that dovetail with my own thinking just makes me wanna get up & do the happy dance:

Christians are actually, to me, anyway, as a Jew, much more interesting in America. And weirdly, much more misunderstood. Evangelical Christians are the most incompetently portrayed group in America, in TV, in fiction, in the news. When Christians say that the media gets them wrong, Christians are absolutely right. Christian life in this country is really horribly documented, and way more interesting than is done. Generally, in the media, very religious Christians are portrayed as hardheaded doctrinaire knuckleheads. But in fact, from my experience, the most religious Christians I know tend to be incredibly thoughtful, complicated, generous to a fault, very principled and not knuckleheads. Actually, they're sort of weirdly the opposite of the stereotype, and that includes people from the hardcore fundamentalist faiths.

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Scott Rushing said...

This is the internet Mark...if you do the happy dance, it has to be recorded and posted on your blog. ;)

By the way, those were good comments by Ira. Nice to someone acknowledge that most of us Evangelicals are decent people.