Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You've Got Your Insipid Reality Show In My Geeky Gaming Hobby...

...hey, you've got your geeky gaming hobby in my insipid reality show! (It's two great tastes that taste great together.)

Here's my idea... what would happen if you made an American Idol game (or an Amazing Race game, for that matter) based on Titan: The Arena (currently in print as Colossal Arena from Fantasy Flight games)?

Think about it: both involve elimination of the weakest player in a given round, which may or may not be the weakest player in the actual event.

I thought of this while driving home from the Pizza Hut with dinner (gosh, I'm a great cook) and listening to The Dice Tower podcast (#89) where Moritz riffed on hybrid games. (BTW, whatever you think about Tom Vasel, he's done the hobby a great service by introducing us to the musings of Moritz Eggert, the comic stylings of Eric Summerer & the delightful personality of Mary Prasad.)

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Ed Rozmiarek said...

Scotland Yard with a Harry Potter theme. Think about it... Harry and gang chase Voldemort around Hogwarts or/and England using several modes of transportation (walking?, brooms, port keys). I hear the cash registers going Cha-ching!