Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Origins Experience: Tuesday

Again, just a short post to tide my loyal readers over until I can blather on & on.

Today, it was Erwin's description of maturity that blew me away...

Maturity is the gap between understanding & obedience. It is not measured by Biblical or doctrinal knowledge - you can know a lot & do nothing. It's not measured by length of service... by how long you have been a follower of Christ.

Someone asked an excellent question - how do you help people become mature followers of Christ?

You have to remember that human beings are enviromental... they don't do what you tell them, they become what they experience.

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Anonymous said...

So Mark,

Do you aspire to be a Catalyst or a Cultural Architect? What are they? How would you life and ministry change if you took on one of these titles?

Do you want to see you church become a missional community with an Apostolic Ethos? Why or why not? What the heck does it mean?