Monday, May 28, 2007

What's With All the Disneyland Stuff?!

Regular readers of this blog will have astutely spotted that the number of posts about Disneyland has increased over the past few months... and, though absolutely no one has asked this question, I feel compelled to explain why the flood of Disney memories & pictures.

The main reason is that we are now in the throes of planning our next expedition to Mouse Country. We've been racking up "points" on our Disney Visa for over four years... and that, coupled with the cash I'm pulling down from my consulting gig for the folks at Klutz Press, will pay for 5 days at Disneyland & California Adventure. As well, this is the last year we can take Collin "for free" - once he's 3 years old, we have to buy him a ticket, too.

Our plan right now is to go either the week right after Thanksgiving or the first full week of December... the parks are beautifully decorated, there's a Christmas parade each night (as well as fireworks when the winds are favorable), and both Small World & the Haunted Mansion have their seasonal "makeovers" in place. Most importantly, the time between Thanksgiving break & the beginning of Christmas break is the lowest attendance time of the year, particularly during the day. (During the evening, local Annual Passholders show up, which increases the numbers somewhat.)

There's another reason for posting the trip reports... not long after our last trip to the Disneyland Resort in 2003, I posted to an e-mail group about the trip & hinted that I had taken notes to do a write-up. Susan Rozmiarek replied that she would be very interested in reading them - and as she & her husband, Ed, are regular readers of this blog - consider this a belated birthday present. Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you sweet to think of me! I am indeed enjoying the reports. :-) The last time that I visited the park in California was in 1969, one year before you. Brings back happy memories.......

Alas, my boys (old and young) have never had any interest in going.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I actually went for the first time in 1968... I'll post a picture later.

Your boys (the old one & the young ones) are idjits. :-)