Monday, August 20, 2007

Me, Too...

If you've been reading stuff on church growth & health in the last few years, you've run into a guy named Ed Stetzer... well, Ed's just started blogging recently and his post about his surprises after 30 years of following Jesus feels like I could have written it. He manages to reference Sweet Comfort Band, church camp, his astonishment at being in ministry (me, too!) and our need for community... and this gem:
4. I thought it would be easier to be a Christian. Honestly, that is what they told me—if I gave my life to Christ it would be happier and more fulfilled. Well, I am not sure it always has been. At times, I believe it would have been easier to not be a Christian. I can’t say I have been happier as a follower of Christ, though I can say I have often felt that “peace that passes all understanding” (Phi. 4:7).
Read the whole thing at Ed's blog.

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