Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Crackpipe Remote Returns

The new TV season has begun... and I want to jump in early with some quick thoughts & comments:


  • I'm not sure how you'd figure out what was going on unless you've watched the previous season (not only is darn near everyone back - oh, we haven't seen Niki or her son or Sylar yet, but it's just a matter of time - but they're adding new characters left & right)... but they've cranked up a number of very intriguing plotlines & they have a history of paying off their storylines quickly.
  • If you're Heroes-obsessed, you should check out the Yamagato Fellowship website for the inside scoop on the Kenzei legend... and then a connnection to something else (which I haven't had time to explore yet.)

Prison Break

  • Sadly, it looked like more of the same to me... I couldn't get excited about it after the first week, so I'll probably just rent this one on DVD when it shows up next summer.

Survivor: China

  • One tribe looks a whole lot stronger (read: able to work together in a way that won't induce starvation & lots of challenge losing) than the other.
  • In spite of myself, I like the Christian radio talk show host lady so far... she has the whole "I talk mainly to Christians" sound, which came off a little weird when she walked out of the Buddhist temple during the "welcoming ceremony", but her gentleness & sage advice with James (the gravedigger) was a cool example of what people who love Jesus can look like.
  • About the "welcoming ceremony": while I don't think that CBS or the Buddhist monks were trying to pull a fast one & do Buddha worship without telling people, I would have had the same levels of "uncomfortable" that she did... any ceremony which involves me bowing (a sign of subservience) before a room full of statues of a non-Christian religion would cause me to ask some serious questions if I'm not messing over a couple of the 10 Commandments.
  • My pick to go next week: P.G.
  • My picks to win: the surfer dude or the gravedigger.


Dani In NC said...

I've been reading a lot of Heroes-related blog entries today and there is a lot of disappointment out there in the blogosphere. Everyone was expecting the season premiere to be more whiz-bang, I guess. I didn't put the first season up on a pedestal like a lot of fanboys so my expectations weren't that high. I enjoyed it.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

I'm kind of a fanboy myself... but I was enthralled by the first episode. They are setting up for the first 1/2 of the season:

- why is Peter in Ireland... in a shipping crate?
- who are the Central American kids... and who will they hook up with?
- Suresh is going undercover... yowsa.
- Molly's monster isn't Sylar... how do you get scarier than Sylar?
- Who killed _______ (trying to be a bit spoiler-free-ish) and why?
- How will Hiro fix time & legend in ancient Japan?

And then, the $64,000 question: what is big enough to bring them all back together?!