Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dude, Do You Actually Play Games Anymore?

Well, yes.

But not as much as I want.

And I'm certainly not writing about them as much as I'd like.

Here's an overview of what I'm wanting to write and/or finish but just haven't gotten around to yet:
  • a review of Columbus (the Schmidt game, not the Ravensburger one by Kramer)... my plan is to release this on Columbus Day (1492... ocean blue... oh yeah, I grew up in the USA.)
  • a piece entitled "Beat the Games" on cooperative board & card games
  • some thoughts on running a game night at the church
  • a stat-heavy post on my nine (9) years of tracking what games I've played
  • a gushing "look what's coming" post about Memoir '44
  • a plaintive cry entitled "Missing The Land of Catan"

See, you've got lots to look forward to... in the meantime, you can keep wading through all these posts about spiritual stuff.

And, of course, we're only a week or so away from the new TV season, which means I'll be picking up my crackpipe remote again & talking about that stuff, too.

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Dani In NC said...

I just subscribed to your blog a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying your spiritual posts. I can't wait to start reading your TV posts.