Monday, April 28, 2008

The Fabulous Comic Stylings of Collin Blake Jackson

Here, courtesy of my lovely wife, Shari, is some of Collin's most recent pearls of wisdom:

1) Collin slammed his finger in the sliding glass door (this is not the funny part). He caught it in between where the two glasses meet. It was quite traumatic for him. We put a big band-aid on it and have had to keep one on due to the damaged skin. Yesterday at church he showed his boo-boo to a mommy(hi, Lydia!) She asked how he got the boo-boo and he said "My mommy slammed the door on my finger."

2) Collin has two little girls in his Sunday school class that he is with every time the doors open. Their names are Sophia and Eve. On the way to church last night, Collin said: "Sophia isn't very nice at church." I asked "Are you nice at church?" He responded "Yes. I'm not nice at home."

3) A while ago I was changing his diaper and clothes. I saw a toy on the floor that goes with other toys. I told him to put that toy with the others so it does not get lost. He said: "I need to hold this toy so I can talk to God."

4) While I was typing he came into the room. I asked him to sing me a song. He hopped on the bed and started singing "mommy is great , mommy is great, etc." I suppose he is a keeper.

I'll add one from just a few minutes ago - Shari had to replace his band-aid and he began crying that he needed an owie on his other hand. When Shari told him that would hurt & make him cry, he declared that he would laugh at this one.

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Anonymous said...

Those are great. I'm not sure where our entertainment would come from anymore without our kids.