Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yes, Master... I Hear & Obey

"I will go & see all of these movies, as if you had zombie-like control over me & my children..."

Well, actually, we probably will. And they sorta do.

Here's the slate of Disney/Pixar films for the next four years (yes, some of this is subject to change... and thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for sending me to
cinematical to find this.) I haven't seen any of them (yet!)... so the ratings you see are based on my anticipation level:
  • intense
  • high
  • medium
  • mild
  • non-existent
  • WALL*E (June 27th) - My personal anticipation is set on intense for this one... what's not to like when Pixar does sci-fi with a robot hero who watches "Hello, Dolly" to discover what love is?!
  • BOLT (November 26th) This "dog journey" movie crossed with a "actor who believes he's really his character" movie only rates a medium... but that's pretty much the way I felt about ENCHANTED which I ended up really enjoying. This also marks the beginning of all Disney/Pixar films being released in Disney 3D.
  • UP (May 29th) Pixar brings us an adventure story with a 78 year old hero & his 8 year old sidekick. Anticipation level is high... both because it's from Pixar and because it's cool that an animated film is going to let a character with some age on 'em have a leading role.
  • TOY STORY in 3-D (October 2nd) The original TOY STORY re-released in Disney 3D. I have the film memorized... but I'll be there to see it in 3D. Anticipation level: medium.
  • THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG (Christmas) Traditional animation... an African-American heroine, Randy Newman writing the tunes... and the promise of a singing alligator? Anticipation level is high.
  • TOY STORY 2 in 3-D (February 12th) I cry literally every time I see Jesse being left behind in the donation box. Really... every time. I can't imagine seeing this in 3D will make me any less teary. Anticipation level is high.
  • TOY STORY 3 (June 18th) And here's the reason for updating Toy Story 1 & 2... the third film will come out in June of 2010 with the original voice cast... and Ned Beatty. (No idea what role he'll be playing... or what story they'll be telling.) Color me intensely interested in this one.
  • RAPUNZEL (Christmas) Not of lot of details... but this one will be all CGI. My interest is only medium until we know some more about it.
  • NEWT (Summer) Now this sounds... interesting? "The last two blue-footed newts on the planet are forced together by science to save the species... and they can't stand each other?" For those of you who know Dave Arnott, it sounds vaguely like his film, The Last Man. I'm intrigued but wondering how they can (a) keep a G rating with this subject matter and (b) make it work at at all. I'm interested but this is the first time I'm only set on medium for a Pixar release.
  • THE BEAR AND THE BOW (Christmas) Also Pixar (two in one year?!) this is a hero(ine) tale set in Scotland - could be interesting. Anticipation level: high.
  • CARS 2 (Summer) The press release has something about Mater & Lightning "needing their passports", so I guess they're going to race Formula One... or some kind of race around the world or whatever... I'm nervous that they'll screw up the delicate & wonderful balance of exciting races & delightful small town life that made the first film such a success in my book. But the guy who produced RATATOUILLE is directing... which is a very good sign. The release of this film is linked to the opening of Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure, where they're planning to build what could be Disney Park's most elaborate thrill ride - described by some Disney insiders as "... Test Track meets Indiana Jones Adventure meets Pixar." Yes, my anticipation level is intense, both for the ride & the movie.
  • KING OF THE ELVES (Christmas) Elves & trolls in the Mississippi Delta? Color me curious and highly interested.

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