Friday, May 30, 2008

I Need A Small Length of Rope...

... in order to tie my jaw back into position, as it spent most of last evening hanging open in amazement at the intricate plotting & incredible acting that makes up Lost. (BTW, no spoilers in this post... much as I'd love to talk about all of it!)

I think you can pretty much see all of Season 4 on ABC's site - which means that you can Netflix your way through the first 3 seasons & then turn to the Internet to finish the job... because this is one crazy intricate puzzle of a show - which, at its weird little heart, is about naturalism & the supernatural, humanism & faith, the lone hero & the community.

Now, that makes it sound as dry as my college Logic class (sorry, Dr. Baird) - but it isn't. Multiple story lines, characters you care about, twists & turns, lots & lots of mystery... and, thankfully, the promise of a "for-real" ending at close of Season 6.

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ironcates said...

What a season finale!