Thursday, May 29, 2008

Worship/Youth Pastor Search

Some of you know by now that our worship/youth pastor, Aaron Kellar, will be leaving us (NewLife Community Church) this summer to return with his family to the Portland area. While I'm excited for Aaron & Margaret & the girls, that leaves a ministry position open at our church.

I'm aware that not everyone who reads this blog is qualified to apply for the position - heck, I'm not qualified to apply for the position! But I figured a few of you might be aware of someone who might... and so, here it is:

This is a copy of the job posting that appears at, &


Full time worship & youth pastor: roughly 50/50 split in time and energy between building a full blown youth ministry AND leading worship services. Dreams of NewLife include reaching unchurched 20-30 somethings through our second "innovative" service. Some experience is required: could be full or part-time experience. Must have a heart for worship, a love for youth, a sense of humor, and a passionate walk with Christ.


Want to make a dent? Not just any old dent… but a God-sized dent in a community? A dent that can only be explained by Jesus showing up? Then you're looking at the right job posting. NewLife Community Church in Easton, CA (on the south edge of Fresno) is prayerfully looking for someone with a passionate walk with Christ, a overflowing love for youth, a heart tuned to worship, and a sense of humor (to put up with the senior pastor)! We are a church transitioning into the Purpose-Driven model, dreaming & praying about ways to reach youth and young adults in our community.

Here's what we're dreaming about:
  • youth ministry that transforms not only the lives of students but also their families worship that draws our church closer to God
  • continuing to grow our NewLife @ Nite "innovative" service to reach youth & young adults
  • a worship/youth pastor who plants his heart & life into NewLife and the Easton community

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • the resources you need to do ministry (finances, facilities, etc.)
  • the financial remuneration you need to thrive & survive (in other words, a decent if not spectacular salary package)
  • the support & encouragement of NewLife Community Church
  • the freedom to try new ideas & methods to reach people for Christ (seriously… we're tired of hearing "we've never done it that way before")
  • accountability from the Senior Pastor, who wants to pour into your life, developing your spiritual gifts, character & passion
Some "must have" qualities:
  • an intimate walk with Jesus (no living your spiritual life on "fumes" or on that mountaintop experience you had back in high school)
  • ability to communicate & connect with youth (you don't have to be the Next Big Thing in youth rally speaking… you just have to keep 'em interested and awake)
  • ability to lead worship in a variety of settings & styles (our current morning service is contemporary, while our NewLife @ Nite service is billed as "rock'n'roll worship")
  • flexibility & a sense of humor (are you rigid & humorless?… if so, you're going to have a tough time around here)
  • willingness to work & play hard (need to find that delicate balance between "3-toed tree sloth" and "family-destroying workaholic")
  • must play an instrument (besides the kazoo or 8-track tape player)
  • must have experience (we don't care if it was full-time or part-time, but we want someone with a bit more ministry experience than "sang a solo on youth choir tour")
Sound interesting? Want to know more? Want to explore the possibility of joining us at NewLife in the wonderful adventure of "dent-making"? E-mail your resume to:

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