Monday, June 09, 2008

Music Monday

One of the blogs I particularly admire (Steve McCoy's Reformissionary) has a regular feature called "Music Monday" in which Steve, being hipper than I could ever pretend to be, shares clips & info about cutting edge artists.

A long time ago, I started a series of posts on music called Soundtrack of My Life... and I've managed to finish a grand total of ONE. That's right... one measly post. Heck, I've written more about stuff I'm not even really interested in (Pat Robertson, for example) than I have about music.

So, consider the odd links & musical thoughts today to be my penance for making you wait so long for me to write about ELO, Talking Heads & Charlie Peacock.

Jesus Walks by Kayne West (post from Stuff Christians Like)
Then however, Rolling Stone offers one of the saddest and best put assessments of addiction I have ever read: “Over the next few hours, he hardly moves an inch. The strip-club environment seems to have tranquilized him. For someone who travels through life at hyperspeed and talks a mile a minute, West is unusually still and silent.”
T-Shirts (What We Should Be Know For) (music & lyrics by Derek Webb)
they'll know us by the t-shirts that we wear... they'll know us by the way we point and stare... at anyone whose sin looks worse than ours... who cannot hide the scars of this curse that we all bare
Jim Morrison's Grave (music & lyrics by Steve Taylor)
It was a manhole... Dug over at the edge of town... And a spray can scrawl... On the cemetery wall... Said, "You'd better behave"... Jim Morrison's grave


Dave King said...

Steve Taylor, just classic :)

- Peace

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

No kidding... if I could find the Limelight performance of "Over My Dead Body", I'd put that one up here, too.