Thursday, June 19, 2008

Proof of Predestination?

Two of my favorite online authors, Linda (Things What Things?) and Jon (Stuff Christians Like) both published blog articles about couches... and not just any couches, but ones they don't like. For those of you Calvinists in the blog audience, you know this wasn't a coincidence.

Linda: Death of a Couch
Furthermore, this couch has been the bane of my moving-related existence for quite some time. I don’t like it that much, it really wasn’t chosen (in 1997) for any reason other than low price, and it has absolutely zero appeal other than functionality. So I decided, as I sat on my couch in my otherwise unpacked apartment on that first day, “I am not moving that couch again.” I thought, “That couch is going out of here in pieces.”

Big talk, of course. That couch was built like a TRUCK. It had a HIDE-A-BED. It weighed about ten thousand pounds (approximately). Heavy, heavy thing, and never a whisper of an interruption in its structural integrity. It was one of those couches where you think, “After nuclear war, it will be just cockroaches and this couch.”
Jon: #303 - Donating Junk To The Church
I'm not sure if satan makes furniture, but if he does, I've met one of his couches. I found it when I was living in Birmingham. I was fresh out of college, working at a Christian advertising agency and I had roughly $40 to my name. Fortunately that is about what the couch I found in the paper cost. Back before Craigslist and Ebay, you didn't get to see 22 photos online for the couch you were going to buy. You read two sentences in the paper and then showed up an an old lady's house that may or may not have had a full size grocery cart in the kitchen.


ironcates said...

I finally ditched my college hide-a-bed couch last year at a yard sale. It didn't sell so it sat in the front yard for 3 days with a free sign on it because I wasn't moving it back into the house. I think my neighbor got tired of the eye sore and just hauled it to the dump.

Dave Vander Ark said...
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Dave Vander Ark said...

I'll try to reword my comment a little bit to make it more clear.

One of your faithful readers who also happens to be a faithful Calvinist is smiling at the way you suggest our belief in God's plan for our eternal future somehow suggests he has a plan for our furniture purchases.

Coincidence is not proof of predestination.

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Ah, Dave, I knew I could count on you. :-)

Dave's right, btw - those of us who still struggle with the TULIP and some of the implications of Reformed theology need to portray their beliefs correctly...

...except when we're baiting them to comment on our blog.