Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boy Week: Day Two

Thanks to Anna Campbell (whose son, Canaan, is Braeden's best friend & Collin's hero), the boys set up a lemonade stand across from the cattle auction - in other words, in our driveway. They made a tidy profit (Braeden was "doing math" tonight to figure out how close he was to purchasing the next Mars Mission Lego set on his list) and plan to do it again on Saturday for the livestock auction. (They even shared some of their profits with Collin - nice guys!)

While Collin napped, the lemonade tycoons began working on their product for Saturday. (As a satisfied customer, I'd have to say that they did a rather nice job of making drinkable lemonadte.)

Later in the afternoon, the boys & I went to KFC for a bucket of fried chicken & settled back on the picnic blanket to watch Disney's Treasure Planet.

Boy Week is in full swing, he sez with a grin.

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