Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boy Week: Days Four & Five

The weekend of Boy Week has included a number of delightful moments:
  • the second (and more profitable) outing for the lemonade tycoons
  • a trip to Target for milk, freezer bags & sunscreen
  • Braeden playing Star War: Epic Duels again (this time as Anakin & Padme)
  • the boys getting ready for church & being extra-helpful
  • taking Collin (and Braeden) to lunch at Sonic as a reward for progress in potty-training
  • playing a bit of Heroscape with Braeden (his Marro army is working down my Roman/Greek forces)
  • having a pizza picnic while watching America's Funniest Videos
The lemonade stand - they are ready to serve customers!

Later in the morning, they take a bit of a break & enjoy some watermelon...

Braeden & Greg were a team for Star Wars: Epic Duels... but Richard (that's his hand at the left of the picture) still managed to beat them.

Braeden thinking carefully about his next move.

Yes, I probably shouldn't encourage eating in the living room & watching TV at the same time... but it's fun! (This is from our Sunday night post-NL@N pizza party.)

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