Monday, December 15, 2008

Crackpipe Remote - December 2008 Edition

And here we go:
  • The Amazing Race was more enjoyable than the past couple of outings... gotta say, watching Dan of the "Frat Boys" try to march was a treat all by itself.
  • I'm pleased that Chuck got a full season order... and has managed to avoid the dreaded "Curse of Ed", in which shows with whimsy & character lose that character and become stupid & annoying in their 2nd season.
  • Heroes has had some great moments - more than the much-maligned 2nd season - but there have been some real Idiot Plotting and a couple of outright oopidstay twists (Hiro as a 10 yr old?!). Of course, much of that was redeemed by last week's episode.
  • 24:Redemption was a decent segue back into the world of Jack Bauer - but I'm still a little iffy about Zombie Almeda (back from the dead?!) coupled with the return of Spawn (Kim Bauer).
  • A fond farewell to Pushing Daisies... you died way too soon.
  • I know some people haven't liked it, but I really enjoyed Survivor: Gabon... and was pleasantly surprised that I would have been happy for 3 of the final 4 contestants to win. (And my favorite did win... I think Bob & Yau & Earl would be a blast to hang out with.)
  • I watch Life in spurts, thanks to - it's inventive & I don't always know where it's going, which is fun. It's not perfect - the freeze-dried corpse episode, for example - but actually has a lead character whose beliefs affect his actions.

Bonus Remote Comment:

  • I watched Independence Day while playing Race for the Galaxy solitaire last night - I was waiting for the Survivor finale to finish taping. I discovered the reason the movie works - it certainly isn't the script. It's the acting chops of a number of the participants who manage to invest a lot of heart & character into an SFX-driven popcorn-fest.

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