Friday, December 05, 2008

The Idea Camp

Stuff like this always scares me - since I have the pride/sin problem of wanting to be the smartest/most creative guy in the room - but if I'm going to learn/grow/mature, I need to expose myself to more stuff like this. (I also need to use less slashes, but I'm guessing that won't happen any time soon.)

So, in the interest of personal development/spiritual growth (yep, the slashes are still here), I'll be going WAY outside of my comfort zone & connecting with this community of innovation.
The Idea Camp is a FREE, open source hybrid conference designed to help people move from the realm of ideas to implementation.

We are gathering some of the most innovative and creative leaders from around the country (this means YOU!) to share ideas, intentionally network, and move collaboratively into idea-making. Whether your passion is church leadership, non-profit work, social entrepreneurialism, technology, media, creativity, culture making, church planting, spiritual formation, compassionate justice, etc., this is the conference for YOU.
Check out the website... spread the word... plan to join us in February in the thriving metropolis of Irvine, CA (registration is free!).
All we ask is that you come with the following posture:
  • Be Open & Listen to Others
  • Be Communal & Share What You Know
  • Be Intentional & Collaboratively Invest in Each Other
  • Be Optimistic & Don’t Be a Jerk ☺
The Idea Camp

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