Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pliable & Curious

This quote jumped out of the book Wide Awake and bit me.

The longer we live, the less pliable our minds are to learning. And certainly that is going to be our epitaph if we give up on learning, if we think we've learned enough, or if we've chosen to simply work off what we know. We convince ourselves that somehow what we already know will take us where we need to go. Unfortunately, we who build our lives on the Scriptures are at times most in danger when we conclude all we need to know is in one book so we can be ignorant of everything else.

A person of faith must never be afraid to explore. We above all should be driven to question, to examine, to learn. Faith shouldn't make you less curious but insatiably curious. When you live in relationship to the God of all creation, learning is a given. You are now and forever on a journey involving mystery and discovery. This journey is as endless as God is infinite and eternal. For all eternity we will be not only worshippers but also explorers. (emphasis mine)

As usual, thanks to Erwin McManus for saying it better than I could.

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