Monday, May 11, 2009

Australian Fried/Grilled Chicken?

I actually managed to snag one of the coupons - no, I don't watch Oprah, but I have Facebook friends who do - for free Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Seems, however, that KFC wasn't ready for the power of viral marketing.

Of course, my blogging hero, Linda Holmes, had something to say about it in her Monkey See post, Lessons Learned From The Great Free-Chicken Fiasco Of 2009:
(My favorite quote from the KFC spokesperson in the AP story linked above: Restaurants that are out of mashed potatoes and gravy are "substituting as best they can." I don't want to know.)...

Oprah giveth, and Oprah taketh away, is the thing. If you throw in with Oprah, you have to be prepared to serve America -- all of it, at the same time. Kentucky Grilled Chicken is now the James Frey of fast food: something Oprah threw her support behind, and now will wind up having to apologize for in one way or another.
To KFC's credit, they figured out that they had a royal screw-up on their hands & are trying hard to fix it with their Rain Check program. (Hurry - you've only got until May 19th to get your coupon re-couponed.)

Me, I'm just weirded out that Kentucky Fried Chicken is being run by someone from Down Under.

Yep, it's a far cry from the Colonel & "finger-lickin' good.")


Nomad said...

for that final "Raincheck" verdict, it sounds like KFC is banking on the fact that people hate filling out forms and therefore won't do it

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Nomad... shhh. The KFC Ninjas will hear you & hunt you down & pelt you with overcooked wedge fries.