Monday, May 25, 2009

Kinderspiel des Jahres 2009 - Nominees & Recommendations

Want to see the whole list? Check out my Geeklist over on Boardgamegeek.

I've played two of the games:
  • Hang In There! (a mechanical dexterity game that was fun until we figured out how to knock each others' pieces off... just re-released this year in Germany)
  • The Suitcase Detectives (a game of shape recognition that works really well thanks to a very nifty box design from Haba)
Here's the nominated games I really want to try:
  • Curli Kuller (bowling with snails)
  • Land in Sicht! (cool-looking exploration game with individually folding map pieces)
  • Zoowaboo (imagine a game of Chicken meets timed dexterity - where some players are working together & others are betting they'll fail!)
And the recommended games that are on my "must try" list (both by Haba!):
  • Wurfel Wolfe (literally "Dice Wolves" - a small box dice game, which Haba excels at...)
  • Polizei-Alarm! (a game of dice rolling & magnetic board movement... criminals vs. cops... there isn't a BGG entry - yet - but I did find this YouTube video of a demonstration...)

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