Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hello, BGN Readers!

If you've found your way here thanks to Dale Yu publishing (or re-publishing) my puzzle,Link welcome! There's lots of different content here - but here's some really good starting places for the game-obsessed:
  • Five & Dime Reports - Each year I take in lists from people who've tracked their gaming and let me know what they've played 5+ times (nickels) and 10+ times (dimes)... and then generate lots of lists & graphs from it. (BTW, I'm taking submissions for 2009 right now!)
  • The Kid Games 100 - Over the last year & a half, I blogged about my top 100 games for kids... I'm pretty proud of the list. (It was a lot of fun to make, too.)
  • The One Hundred - It's actually on it's own blog, but this is a list compiled a few years back by Stephen Glenn (the designer of "Balloon Cup") and published by yours truly about the best 100 games of all time.
  • The Apples Project - Another separate blog... but this one is my own personal project to create game awards based on something besides the year they were released. It's been done twice (in 2002 & 2006) which means I probably should think about doing it again this year.

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