Monday, January 03, 2011

Sticky Teams: Selected Quotes (Chapter Four)

The chapter entitled "What Game Are We Playing?" is subtitled "how growth changes everything."
  • Since I tacked a Bible verse onto everything, any changes I made seemed like a change in my theology & values - and they were resisted as such.
  • I knew that despite all the "sin words" that both sides had thrown around ("arrogant," "self-willed," "unaccountable," "not a team player," "boundary queen," and "inflexible," to name a few), the real issue was not sin so much as deep hurt & discomfort that came with our changing organizational dynamics.
  • [Note from Mark: I can not recommend Larry's explication of team dynamics/growth using the sports team metaphor highly enough... nor can I condense it down to a few pithy quotes. I won't even try.]
  • The need to change the game, as well as the rules of the game, tends to sneak up on leaders & leadership teams because growth exponentially increases complexity. We might think we've only added a couple of new programs or staff members, but in reality, we've multiplied organizational complexity...

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