Monday, January 10, 2011

Sticky Teams: Selected Quotes (Chapter Seven)

Now that we've taken care of the pastor, it's time to move on to "Clarifying Board & Staff Roles."
  • One of the best ways to cut off disharmony & dysfunction at the pass is to clarify board roles & staff roles before someone joins the team - and to make sure that everyone knows that changes in these roles will be unavoidable & necessary as the church grows.
  • When a board takes on the role of setting direction & boundaries, it has to release micromanagement & preference management.
  • I've found that "You don't listen" often means "You didn't do what I suggested."
  • Three key functions of a board: wise counsel, brakes & a crisis team in waiting.
  • Specialists who can't become trainers or who aren't willing to become trainers will eventually put a ceiling on the growth of your church or bust your budget.
  • Staff members must... transition from focusing primarily on their own ministry area to asking, "What's best for the church as a whole?"
  • Fiefdoms & silos might make for strong programming but the price is a sick church.

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