Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Classic: My Eldest Son, The Theologian

This conversation occurred nearly 7 years ago at bedtime between Shari & Braeden. (For those of you who've just joined us, Braeden is the redheaded kid that keeps showing up in the pictures here... he'll be 13 years old next June. Shari is the most wonderful wife in the entire universe - thankfully, she's my wife.) 

Shari: The most important gift you can give me is to be safe & be filled with God's love.

Braeden: Nothing is bigger than God's love.

Shari: That's right...

Braeden: Not even cereal.

Shari: [pause to avoid laughing] That's right.

Braeden: Not even Colossal Fruit Loops. [pause] Actually, they're quite tiny.

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Conrad Kinch said...

Brilliant. My wife is actually crying with laughter as I write this.

You may have a young Thomas Aquinas on your hands there.