Friday, October 11, 2013

The Kitchen Sink: Forbidden Cookies!

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"I didn't even know candy corn and Oreos were dating ... now they have a kid?!"
A trio of preliminary notes to this horror show masquerading as a snack treat:
  1. I really enjoy NPR.
  2. One of my favorite NPR shows  is Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
  3. I really hate NPR pledge drives. (Actually, I pretty much hate any pledge drive - so it's not just an NPR thing.)
With all that said, I must recommend to my gentle readers a very funny article from the humorists at Wait, Wait on the release of the limited edition Candy Corn Oreo.
Ian: I hope these Oreos are vegan, so vegans have something to not eat.

the TAGIE awards 
Matt Leacock is a nice guy and an incredible game designer - and he's been nominated for the Excellence in Game Design at the TAGIE Awards (Toy & Game Inventor Awards).

I love Matt's designs: Pandemic, Roll Through the Ages, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, and a fantastic prototype that will hopefully see the light of print in the next year or so.

I'd love to see Matt get the recognition he deserves... so you can go vote for Matt here:

late to the party
Yes, this is so last summer - but Shari just showed it me last night...

For the record, I think even Cookie Monster would reject the limited edition Candy Corn Oreos.

quotes of the week
"Until Christians realize they’re neither Republicans or Democrats, they'll never be the prophetic voice politics needs."

(James Emery White)

"Statistically, the unchurched lean heavily Democrat. So-- and I know it's just me talking crazy now-- if you want to reach the unchurched, maybe constant Facebook posts about how stupid Democrats are might be a bad idea."

(Ed Stetzer)

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