Friday, November 22, 2013

Sneak Preview: Lance & the Kings of Israel

I had originally planned to publish an interview with Lance Hill, the designer of the new cooperative game, Kings of Israel... but life got in the way & we haven't finished the interview yet.

The game is doing very well on Kickstarter - it's already funded and is on the way to the fourth stretch goal. It looks to be in the wheelhouse of a number of my readers - being both a board game AND Biblically themed. The Kickstarter ends on Tuesday (November 26th, 2013), so it's time to jump on board.

Here's a sneak peek at part of the interview (which I'll publish in the next couple of weeks):
Mark: So, what are you playing right now? (Besides playtesting KINGS OF ISRAEL and other designs, of course.) What's coming out most often when you sit down play games?
Lance: Well, our game group is sitting around ten people right now so Eclipse with expansion has received quite a few plays.  I got to play Keyflower recently and really enjoyed it, ready for the expansion.  For fillers King of Tokyo sees a bit of action and I really love playing Jungle Speed with the expansions.  One of the rare cases where I went out and imported a game.  And whenever I have non-gamers come over the Crokinole board comes off the wall!

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