Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas 2013: The Same List

Somewhere tucked away in storage is a box of mementos. (Actually, there's two boxes: one of family stuff & another more embarrassing box filled with letters & gifts from the time when Shari & I were dating. But I digress...) In that box is a note from my mom to my grandma, explaining that my Christmas list as a teenager is pretty much the same as the one I had when I was in elementary school: books & games.

Which, humorously enough, is pretty much the same list I have as a 49 year old. Consistency can be a very good thing, right?! :-)

It certainly is when it comes to God... He loves us consistently & faithfully. His list doesn't change, either. He wants everyone possible to be saved from their sins. He wanted that 2000 years ago when He sent Jesus.

Merry Christmas, indeed.
This Big Come Back he promised: he's not slacking or forgetful or behind schedule. No, he's stretching it out to give you some space. His jackpot result would be that no one gets taken out and everyone turns their lives back round to him.
     paraphrase of 2 Peter 3:9 from word on the street by Rob Lacey
This post was originally written in December 2005

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