Monday, December 30, 2013

Five & Dime 2012: Most Played Games (26th-50th)

Just like the last two years, I'm posting the main results over at the Opinionated Gamers website. And, as before, I thought I'd offer some extra-special goodies here on aka pastor guy.

So, for those of you who were willing to follow the links, here's the next 25 games in the Most Played List!

Flash Point: Fire Rescue1359.14%
Loopin' Louie  1359.14%
Lost Cities1359.14%
Love Letter 1308.12%
Summoner Wars1257.61%
Eclipse 1209.14%
Mage Knight Board Game1209.14%
Glory to Rome1208.12%
Werewolf  1207.61%
Magic: The Gathering 1206.60%
Forbidden Island 1158.12%
Memoir '441157.11%
Through the Ages1157.11%
10 Days in _________1108.63%
Android: Netrunner1106.60%
Hanabi 1106.60%
For Sale1058.63%
Trajan 1058.63%
Eminent Domain1057.61%

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