Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Beating Burnout: A Short Devotional Review

All too often, devotionals written for ministry professionals & volunteers devolve into:
  • a well-worn verse of exhortation
  • a story of how the writer triumphed (witnessed to stranger on a plane, preached bold message, leapt tall building with single bound, etc.)
  • an application paragraph that boils down to "the thing you need to do to be like me is..."
  • guilt & shame as the subtext
What I appreciated as a former pastor is Anne's commitment to personal honesty & vulnerability - and her focus on resting in the grace of God. Sabbath-keeping is insanely difficult for those in vocational ministry... and a call to that in a daily devotional is needed & welcome.

You can buy it from Amazon - or simply head over to the Beating Burnout website.

And as pleased as I am to see Anne publishing this devotional, I'm even more excited about a new edition of her first book Mad Church Disease is on the way.

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