Friday, February 28, 2014

Survivor: My Momma Taught Me Right

Dear Survivor Producers:

My momma taught me to do a number of things right:
  • don't mix reds & whites in the laundry
  • eat your vegetables
  • send thank you notes
Well, this is a very short "thank you" note after the first episode of the new season. I was skeptical about the whole beauty/brains/brawn tribe division... and yet the first ninety minutes (and two Tribal Councils) were both classic Survivor AND surprising.

Thank you as well for:
  • all-new players (please stop sending old players back into the game)
  • casting interesting people
  • gorgeous challenge designs
  • twists that actually forced players to make interesting decisions

P.S. My pick to win (as of right now) is Sarah.

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