Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Haven't Found... Freedom

Sometimes songs don't work when they're covered - but in this case, U2's "Still Haven't Found" was covered by no less a band than, well, U2. (For the record, I like the gospel version from RATTLE & HUM better than the original.)

This time around, not only is the cover for a good cause (it's from an EP of covers by Jenny & Tyler entitled FOR FREEDOM that benefits organizations working against human trafficking), it's a good cover of a great song.

For those who haven't heard Jenny & Tyler, I think the band they remind me of the most is The Swell Season - though I'm not suggesting some kind of "if you like X then you'll love Y" kind of relationship. It's just that they give me that same kind of vibe.

So, without further ado, I present Jenny & Tyler (along with friends Levi Weaver and Vanita Joines) with a live rendition of "Still Haven't Found" (filmed at Common Grounds in Waco, TX).

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