Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Long Silence

Well... that was the longest I've gone w/out blogging since I managed to get the blog rolling again early last fall. My apologies to both my faithful & less-faithful readers.

My excuse is that we moved into a rental home this week - after 13 months of living with family & friends. We won't have Internet coverage at the house for another 48 hours, so we're busily using up our 3G bandwidth on our iPhones.

With all this transition, I think I'll be moving to a three times a week publishing schedule for a while... bear with me as I work the kinks out.

Regarding the picture with this post... my good friend & co-worker, Bob Trezise, had a knee replacement in mid-February 2014. One of the little doodads sitting on his desk is a pirate finger puppet who bears an amazing resemblance to Bob himself... and who I've named "Tiny Bob". If you'd like to know more, you can go to Pinterest and view The Adventures of Tiny Bob.

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