Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Kitchen Sink: Comics, Cards & Kings

It's been a while since "The Kitchen Sink" appeared here on the blog... the place where I share various bits of stuff that really aren't big enough to deserve their own posts. You may now proceed to ignore and/or enjoy this as needed.

coulson lives
Just finished watching the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on DVD - and I loved it. It took a while to ramp up - but once it did, it combined sly humor, comic book references, great action sequences & Whedon-esque twists & turns. I particularly like how events in the Marvel films (Thor: The Dark World & Captain America: The Winter Soldier) play an important role in the storyline of the series.

I've DVR'd the first few episodes of the second season and look forward to watching them this weekend. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Agent Carter series on the way this spring.

In the very first Kitchen Sink post in September of 2013, I told you guys that I had reached 1000 plays of the long-defunct Dominion iPhone app. I noted:

(There's an official one now through Goko, but I haven't bothered with it.) I don't even own a copy of Dominion (it's low on my list of "deck-building games I like" - sorry, Dale)... but this app manages to run a 2 player game in about 5 minutes, making it perfect for standing in line/waiting around time-killing.
Well, it's October of 2014 - a little over a year later - and I've made it to 2000 plays. The AI is pitiful - I've managed 1,451 wins (72.55%). 

If you're looking for better (read: games I like) deck-builders, I'd strongly suggest checking out Eminent Domain (with the Escalation expansion) or Core Worlds (with the Galactic Orders expansion).

quote of the week
"When a king forgets who he is, he looks for himself in the rubble of conquered cities. He is haunted by a bottomless pit in his soul, and he will pour the blood of nations into it until the pit swallows the man himself." (Andrew Peterson, North! or Be Eaten)

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