Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#57: Bohnanza (Mark's 100 - 2014)


Mark's Ranking
  • 2014: 57th
  • 2012: 69th
  • 2010: 64th
  • 2005: 18th
  • appeared on all four lists
  • rank: 265
  • rating: 7.1
Print Status
  • in print
Why It's On The List
  • An innovative use of cards (you can't rearrange your hand!), a clever theme (bean farming), and some nifty rules to create a barter economy combine to make a great, great game.
Tips & Tricks:
    • Just because you can trade something doesn't mean you should trade something - pay attention!
    • A third bean field is only a good idea if you do it EARLY..
    • While the game will play with 3-7 players, I think that the sweet spot is 5-6.
    • I'm a huge fan of the High Bohn expansion for the game (which adds Cosmic Encounter-ish powers & a Wild West theme)... but I never get to play it.
    • The 2 player version - Al Cabohne - is actually a lot of fun... but kinda tough to locate.
    • Here's what I wrote about Bohnanza for The One Hundred.
    • Here's a page from my old website (Game Central Station) about rules mistakes & Bohnanza expansions.

    1 comment:

    Matt Sears said...

    Basically, what Mark said. Great game. A bit more about my take on it here. http://therealmattshow.com/bohnanza/