Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Battlelore (1st edition)... For Sale

I am offering my COMPLETE Battlelore set (1st edition) up for sale... as much as I enjoy it, I'm more likely to play Memoir '44 (if I want to do Command & Colors) or Descent or Claustrophobia (if I want to do fantasy combat).

Here's what the lot consists of (with price estimate from BGG following):
  • Battlelore base game (first printing) - $50
  • Call to Arms expansion - $10
  • The Hundred Years' War – Crossbows & Polearms - $75
  • Epic Battlelore (extra board) - $10
  • Scottish Wars - $25
  • Dwarven Battalion Specialist Pack - $40
  • Heroes expansion - $50
  • Goblin Marauders Specialist Pack - $25
  • Goblin Skirmishers Specialist Pack - $20
  • Dragons expansion - $50
  • Creatures expansion - $45
  • For Troll & Country - $5
  • Hill Giant promo - $15
  • Code of Chivalry - $55
  • Horrific Horde - $60
  • Earth Elemental promo - $15
  • Bearded Brave - $25
  • Battlelore Collected Rulebook ( printed & bound - no longer available) - $25
  • 3 Plano boxes to contain figures - $30
So, it's roughly $600 worth of fantasy toy soldier plastic & game. (Actually $630, but who's counting?)

All of the sets are complete and in excellent condition. The only remaining box is the base game - the rest of the figures are in multiple Plano boxes (which are part of the deal - unless you want to save on shipping by taking them out and having me bag the figures to ship.)

I will not sell isolated pieces of the set - it's all or nothing.

I'm willing to sell it all for $300 + shipping (which, unfortunately, won't be inexpensive). I won't jack up the shipping costs - just charge what it actually costs to get to you. (And apologies to my foreign readers - due to the hassles of dealing with customs & exchange rates, I'm going to stick with U.S. only.) If you live near middle Tennessee, we can probably arrange a no-ship exchange to save $ & time.

This offer is going out first to my loyal readers... strike while it's hot!


Matt Sears said...

So tempting. I hope you sell it all.

But, if you end up selling it in pieces, let us know.

zamanos said...

Are you still selling this set. If so I would be interested in purchasing it. If it has all the rule books and cards along with all the figures I'm in. Been looking for a set like this for a long time. Please let me know if this is still available thanks for your time.

Unknown said...

zamanos, I have exactly the same complete Battlelore set for sale on geekmarket now (Oct 1st, 2016. Check it if you are still interested in buying it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mark, my name is Michael, I am a serious buyer of BattleLore. call me 580-656-1808

Mark (aka pastor guy) said...

Long sold, Michael... sorry.